Monday, November 28, 2022

Roman Sister Secretly Gets Married To A Policeman–See Wedding Photos


A beautiful, young Nigerian lady alleged to be a Catholic Reverend sister has broken the Catholic Church’s strict rule on celibacy and gone ahead to marry.

She dumped her ‘spiritual’ calling and oath not to engage in sex to marry a policeman.

Her traditional marriage ceremony took place in South Eastern Nigeria.

In one viral photo has seen, the former Roman Sister was spotted carrying a cup of wine to serve her husband.

The act is one of the key rites performed at traditional weddings in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.


Scroll down to see wedding photos. But a Catholic Priest has also impregnated 9 women (Watch video below).

Watch video: Catholic Priest impregnates 9 women

Netizens reacted to the Reverend Sister’s marriage saying she wasn’t able to control her lustful feelings. But others hold a contrary view.

One social media user said :


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