Why Dogs Bark At Night–All The Amazing Facts

Barking dogs are indeed a nuisance. They are not conducive to good neighbourly relations.

While some people think it is normal for dogs to bark consistently, others hold a different view.

They associate a dog’s unusual barking with spiritual matters.

A Nigerian doctor on Twitter, Maxvayshia has explained in details the key reason dogs bark excessively at night.

Maxvayshia believes dogs mostly bark at night because they see departed souls at that time.

Video: Driver graciously fīñgər female passenger while driving on the motorway

He argued that due to the high wavelength of a dog’s eyesight it is able to see the spirit of the dead.


The Nigerian doctor further said the dead can also see through the eyes of dogs and cats.

Dr Max claimed that most of the people who sell or drive at night could be departed souls and their presence can be felt at night by dogs.


‘Sometimes, at night, ur dogs stare at you but it’s actually not ur dog or cat, it’s the dead. They see you tru their eyes. As a matter of fact, many of d people who you buy things from, the people u walk past on the road at night, YOUR UBER DRIVER, the bike men, many are dead…’

Kasatintin.com has also discovered that boredom and loneliness are possible factors which cause dogs to bark at night.

Dog experts stress that constant barking usually means the dog is bored, lonely, frustrated or ill.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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