Thursday, February 2, 2023

Pastor Stabs Wife To Death Over Ownership Of Church Property


Kasatintin.com can report that a pastor, identified as Elijah Misiko has stabbed his wife to death and then sl!t his own throat during a Sunday service in Kenya.

The sh0cking incident occurred right in front of a horrif!ed congregation at the Ground for God’s Gospel Church in the coast city of Mombasa.

Pastor Misiko, according to the police left a 17-page suicide note accusing the woman of taking the church from him.



Police confirmed ‘She had been trying to stay away from the husband since the dispute over the ownership of the church began.

‘They had even reported the matter to church leaders but they were unable to resolve the dispute.’


Pastor Misiko had reportedly hidden at least two knives in an envelope before stabbing the woman.

Police Commander Julius Kiragu disclosed in an interview with the media that the deceased pastor ‘Walked up to his wife while the church was praying as if he wanted to whisper something to her… Then he took one of the knives and stabbed her two times.’


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