Friday, May 27, 2022

Man Seen Lìckìng His Girlfriend’s ‘Honey Pot’ In A Swimming Pool (Video)


It’s a taboo to have s#x in or near a water source but this generation has taken things for granted.

Quite shameful, a horny couple have been spotted in a video having a good time together inside a public swimming pool. 

In the viral video, the man is seen busily lìckìng the private part of the lady as she spread her legs wide like a dead frog.

The lady almost bit her tongue while the gentleman worked on her ‘engine’ using his tongue and fingers.

It appears the couple had made initial plans to visit the pool just to have s#x.

Video: Pastor caught having s3x with someone’s wife

In the video, the lady willingly swam closer to the man and decided to spread her legs for him. 


The man took the cue and started to give her a hęad in the pool.

One Nigerian lady after watching the video commented that ‘This head dey sweetttttt. If you get a good giver oooh. Na better enjoyment’.


‘These ones Don f#ck tire inside the pool polluting the water with their sperms and STDs’, another added.

Monitoring further views on the video on, some readers called out the blog for posting the senseless news item.

One furious reader said ‘abegi, thats not head jare. linda e be like say u are horny .. since it is already viral why put it in your blog when you dont have any spectacular analysis. abegi jare’.

‘Oya people that are feel guilty going to pØrn sites, your fantasy is here courtesy of LIB. But don’t ever blame Linda after watching. Lols. Kai this video can take a struggling ‘child of God’ back to xxx vìde0s. As for me I’m not moved even one inch’.

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