Sunday, February 5, 2023

Pastor Caught Shaving The Private Part Of Women In His Church–See Video

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A Ghanaian pastor was sighted in a viral video on Monday shaving the private part of his female church members.

The video exposed a bit of the craziest things some men of do to their unsuspecting congregation all in the name of religion.

In an exclusive video Kasatintin.com has obtained, the fake man of God identified as Pastor Blinks lined up both the young and old women of his church and asked them to remove their pants for him to shave their private parts.

All the members followed the instructions and allowed the so-called Pastor to trim their pubic hair in a grand style as he claimed it was biblical.

IMAGE: Pastor Blinks in action

He collected the pubic hair of the women into a bowl as the spirit directed him. Most of the women had bushy pubic hair as thick as Kukum Forest.

The video has caused a massive stir on social media. Some Netizens have called for the immediate arrest of the man of God.


We’ve got news for all who had panic attacks over the viral video, and you must listen carefully.

Pastor Blinks has explained in a media interview that what you saw is just a scene in an upcoming movie.


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