Sunday, February 5, 2023

Research Finds That Crying Between 7pm & 10pm Can Help You Lose Body Weight


A recent study has revealed that crying can help one to lose body weight.

But not every type of crying can make you lose weight. The study indicated that you can only reap the weight loss benefit if you shed tears that are triggered by real emotions.

This is because hormones from emotional crying helps heighten the cortisol level, and this happens when you have bottled-up emotions. 

A copy of the study sighted by Kasatintin.com and published by AsiaOne considered three main types of crying before arriving at the findings namely basel tears, reflex tears and psychic tears.

Basal tears are regarded as the ‘basic functional tear’ because they keep our eyes moist.

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Reflex tears (or ‘irritation tears’) are also caused by environmental stressors like wind gusts and smoke whiles Psychic tears are those largely associated with individual feelings and emotions.


Crying is regarded as humans’ natural response to pain, stress, sadness, and happiness. The research found it is only Psychic tears which have the ‘losing weight’ effect.

The study even recommended a specific time frame to maximise this effect citing anytime from 7pm to 10pm as the best time to sob over your favourite telenovelas or films with sad endings, or cry over the guy who broke your heart.


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SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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