Saturday, October 1, 2022

Did You Know That Brushing Your Teeth Twice A Day Can Help Boost Your Sperm Count?–Read All The Details Here


Brushing your teeth twice a day can boost your sperm count.

That’s the findings of an Israeli study which attempted to find the relationship between oral health and male fertility.

Gum diseases have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and strokes in previous studies. The current research sought to investigate the extent to which gum diseases affected infertility in men.

Reseachers advised men to reach out for their brush after they discovered that infertile men are far more likely to suffer from gum diseases.

The study involved 250 men aged between 23-52 years. More than half the men with low sperm count displayed gum diseases.

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Two thirds of these men suffered gingivitis, a condition which causes inflammation characterised by bleeding gums and soreness.


The rest of the men had chronic periodontal disease, which affects the tissues supporting the teeth and can lead to tooth loss.

Interestingly, those with low sperm count witnessed a significant improvement in their conditions when asked to brush their teeth twice everyday.


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