Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Shocking! Live Snake Crawls Out of Woman’s Private Part In A Hospital


A big snake has crawled out of the private part of a woman in a shocking video has sighted online.

The snake could be seen raising it’s head in and out of the private part of the woman who has been sick for some time now.

She was captured lying down on a hospital bed in the 46-second video.

The incident is alleged to have occurred in Ghana. We can however not confirm her nationality at this time.

How the wild serpent got inside the vajayjay of the woman also remains a mystery at this point.

Fresh information available to suggests that the woman was admitted at the medical centre over an undisclosed illness.


Sources say her health condition deteriorated every second and so her relatives invited a pastor to pray for her.

As the priest prayed for her, the snake just popped its head out of her private part.


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