Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘Lίckίng Women’s Private Part Is The Reason Most Men Are Poor In Ghana’ – Prophetess


For some couples, love making is never complete without the man licking the vag!na.

In fact, most women find it pleasurable seeing the man eat her out before penetration.

But a Ghanaian Prophetess who doubles as a marriage counselor has spoken strongly against the act calling it demonic.

In a video sighted by Kasatintin.com, the Prophetess stated that a man makes a covenant spiritually anytime he goes down on a woman.

She therefore advised men to stay away from licking if they want to see progress in their life.

She said ‘as a man, you have mastered the act of licking the private part of every woman you come into contact with. Go on, you are inviting a curse upon yourself.


You have money problem, everything you touch does not end well, and you are facing real hardship. Ask yourself the number of women you have slept with and licked their vag!na’.

We do not know for a fact how the Ghanaian Prophet arrived at her assertion on the negative impact of that bedroom act on men’s life. Perhaps, she spoke based on personal experience, and experience is always the best teacher.


Find out the best way to keep your vag!na clean in the video below.



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