Thursday, December 1, 2022

Sad News: 2 Students Turned Into Yam By Suspected Ritualist, Police Confirm Report


Shocking news trending fast on social media and sighted by indicates that a suspected ritualist has turned two senior secondary school students into tubers of yam.

The victims attended Bashorun High School in Oyo State, Nigeria.

According to information, the alleged ritualist, a middle-aged man used an old trick of dropping money on the ground which the young students reportedly picked and immediately turned into two tubers of yam. 

The victims were wrapped in an unused baby diapers.

The dubious incident took place on Friday, December 3.

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Angry youth in Ashi, Oyo State attacked the suspect after a security guard raised an alarm that he had turned the two students of Bashorun High School into tubers of yam. 


The mob burnt him to ashes following his inability to provide concrete answers to what they had heard and witnessed,social media reports further said.

But there is more to this story as the Oyo State government has uncovered fresh evidence as per its latest investigations into the case.


He was sent on an errand to deliver the contents (two tubers of yam and a pack of diapers) in his bag.

The Commissioner assured the public that the security operatives are seriously working hard to unravel details of what really happened on Friday.

We will surely bring you an update on this developing story on stay with us.

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