Friday, December 9, 2022

Tasting Officer Of Ghana Drunkards Association Suspended, Banned From All Drinking Spots


The Ghana Drunkards Association has indefinitely suspended its Tasting Officer, Afreh Aboagye aka Sixty over irresponsible drinking.

According to information gathered by, Afreh got drunk at a public event beyond the association’s specified drinking limits and has therefore being relieved of his post.

The Drunkards Association President, Moses ‘Drybone’ Onyah disclosed that Afreh was deployed for a tasting duty at Amasaman during their annual sensitisation programme.

Photo: Ghana Drunkards Association press statement

The association carried out the exercise to educate the public on responsible drinking during the Xmas festive season.

Afreh Aboakye, as an executive member went to the event and took several bottles of alcohol and got boozed at the point of losing his life, information available to said.

Drybone said Afreh was saved by bystanders who rushed him to the hospital for emergency medical care.


Owing to his alleged disgraceful behaviour, the Ghana Drunkards Association has taken a firm decision to suspend the Tasting Officer indefinitely.

In addition, Afreh has been banned from patronising any drinking spot in the country whiles on suspension. His pictures will soon be made public.


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