Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Model Insures Her Buttocks For £1.3 Million–Photos


Brazillian model Nathy Kihara who won ‘Miss Bumbum 2021’ has got her backsides insured for £1.3 million (approximately Rs 13 crore).

Critics say 35-year-old Nathy is wasting money on the insurance package but she has no regrets.

‘I’m famous because of my butt. It’s the biggest in Brazil. So, it’s only fair to put it on insurance’, she told the press and maintained that she is still not satisfied with the size of her behind and plans to increase it by doing more exercises.

Nathy Kihara’s behind measures 126-centimetre. She is the youngest lady ever to win the annual Miss Bumbum pageant.

She is a mother of two children, a nine-year-old boy and her daughter who she welcomed in 2021.

‘My short-term goal is to have a 130cm butt’, the model said ‘I am honoured to be able to represent and encourage many mums who suffer from self-esteem issues around the world’.


Nathy added that, ‘My butt is totally natural. I train a lot in order to maintain my body’.


See the photos below.


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