Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Pastor Launches Anointed Bra, Panties For Ladies Looking For Husbands (Photos)


Nigerian pastor Dr J.S. Yusuf is reported to be selling anointed underwear to single ladies who are seeking lifetime partners.

The man of God has embossed his face on the lingerie which is on sale claiming they can attract men.

Watch Video: Pastor str!ps women nak3d in church while praying for them

Pastor Yusuf, senior pastor of Touch for Recovery Outreach International in Abuja said the anointed underwear is a direct instruction from God to release marriages in the new year.

He further revealed that the said anointed underwear can also help women fight diseases and give them good luck with men.

The Nigerian pastor observed that ‘wearing them will make men look at you on the streets and want to marry you’.

Pastor Yusuf quoted a verse from the scriptures to clear doubts about his spiritual direction saying:


‘Behold I have received the commandment to bless, and he hath blessed, and I cannot reverse (Numbers 23:20)’.

See the photos below.


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