Friday, December 9, 2022

Kotoka Airport Alleged Bomb Explosion–All You Need To Know + Photos


Management of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) have reacted to a viral video which claims a bomb explosion had occurred at the Kotoka International Airport on Tuesday, 28th December, 2021.

A video widely circulated on social media shows a scene at the arrival hall of the Kotoka Airport with passengers running for cover, some scrambling to lie on the ground after hearing a heavy blast sounding like a gunshot or fire cracker going off.

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Official statement from GACL confirmed the bomb scare incident and said ‘on Tuesday, 28th December, 2021 at around 9pm, an unattended bag was sighted at the arrival hall of Terminal 3, Kotoka International Airport’.

Following this, ‘The Base Ammunition Depot Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces was immediately brought in to conduct preliminary assessment of the bag and its contents’.


GACL statement revealed that ‘The bag was subsequently taken away for further investigations’.

The panic incident caused a disruption in the arrival facilitation process during the period.


Management however assure the travelling public of its commitment to ensure their safety and security at the airports.


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