Man Caught Watching Porn During Church Service–Video

A man has been caught in a video busily watching pornography on his phone while a pastor delivers a sermon in the church.

The 15-second video of the man has got many talking on social media.

Some have expressed shock about the man’s action.


They are puzzled as to how the man would be bold enough to feed his eyes with adult content in the house of God.

In a related news, a Ghanaian pastor has been spotted in a trending video giving women in his church a holy bath in the full glare of a fully packed congregation.

The women are seen without their clothes. They stripped nak#d as they approached the pastor in the altar.


The self-styled man of God, identified as Pastor Blinks bathed each of the women in a bowl and anointed them as per the spiritual direction revealed to him.

His junior pastors also handed anointed underwear to the women as soon as they went through the rituals.



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