Fetish Priest Arrested For Stealing Tilapia From A Fish Pond

The Akuse police have grabbed a 42-year-old fetish priest and his messenger for allegedly stealing tilapia from a fish pond at Kpong in the Eastern Region.

The suspects (name withheld) were caught by the owner of the farm on Monday at about 10:30 pm.

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Police said though the suspects have denied the allegations, they will proceed with prosecution.

‘As it stands now, they are claiming ownership of the net, the bucket and other exhibits that were found at the pond, but they are denying knowledge of how the net was laid’, police told JoyNews in a report Kasatintin.com has sighted online.

The suspects are in police custody and assisting in investigations.

Also, a Nigerian man has been arrested for chopping off the hand of 11-year-old boy on suspicion of stealing from his fish pond.


Information said the man was filled with anger after seeing the small boy around the pond.

Thieves have attacked his fish pond on countless occasions so he assumed that the 11-year-old boy was there to steal too.


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