Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nigel Gaisie Alleged Sex Video–All You Need To Know


A controversial video showing Ghanaian Prophet Nigel Gaisie in bed with one Tiktok star identified as Akosua Vendetta has caused a stir online.

More than a million people across the globe have watched the said sextape between the Prophetic Hill Chapel founder and the young girl.

Although many great men of God have fallen because of women, one still wants to know more about how a whole Nigel Gaisie got himself trapped in bed with a lady he is not married to.

Well, the lady at the centre of the Nigel Gaisie bedroom video, Akosua Vendetta has spoken and cleared the air on the sex scandal.

She explained that Nigel Gaisie is her uncle and she took the video in question in the latter’s office some years ago.

Vendetta said she jumped into bed with Gaisie after he had finished taking his meal one occasion.


According to her, she recorded the video out of fun.


Akosua Vendetta indicated that she kept the video on her phone and never posted it on her Tiktok channel.


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