Sunday, February 5, 2023

Hot Video: Sisters Of Bride Give Husband-To-Be Blowj0b As Part Of Rites To Test His Ability To Resist Other Women


In an interesting video Kasatintin.com has sighted online, two women are seen performing an erotic dance on a young man.

The man remained calm and withheld his sexual feelings during the hot dance.

This forms part of a traditional dowry rite to test the ability of the husband-to-be to resist sexual advances from other women.

Sisters-in-law to be undertake the rite on behalf of their sister who is about to be married off.

In the cause of the dance, they will do everything possible to get the husband-to-be in the mood.

If the man gets aroused by them,everything is cancelled. No more wedding.


Social media user Zinariya shared the video on Twitter saying;

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‘This is a traditional dowry rite and those two ladies are the sisters-in-law to be. The guy beneath them is the husband is the husband to be of their sister. If he gets aroused by them,everything is cancelled. No more wedding. How many of you can survive this?’

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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