Notorious Thief Dies On The Spot After Vehicle Collapsed On Him At Mechanic Shop

A suspected thief has been found dead under a parked vehicle at a mechanic workshop in Ago Egun area of Ogun State, Nigeria.

The man got trapped under the vehicle with hydraulic jack and spanner spotted beside him.

Information said that the jack he intended to use to lift the vehicle failed, causing the the vehicle to fall on him unexpectedly.

He allegedly tried to remove some parts of the vehicle at the mechanic shop.

Police confirmed that the incident saying ‘while on routine patrol, a dead body of a man suspected to be on a theft mission was found with a hydraulic jack and some set of spanners’.

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His body was discovered at about 6 pm at Ago Egun on Thursday, December 16.


According to police source, ‘Preliminary investigation revealed that the vehicle has been allegedly abandoned and neglected at the scene of the incident, which happens to be a deserted mechanic workshop for almost two years, but all efforts of the owner of the land to get the mechanic engineer to take the car away from the space proved abortive’.

They gathered that, the man was trying to force himself out under the long-abandoned car with registration number PKA 579 AA when he died.


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