Wild Photo A Lady Took With A Dog Which Has Got Everyone Talking

A lady’s post on Instagram showing an intimate photo of herself and a dog has become a topical issue online.

The dog, a foreign breed is captured in the viral photo with its mouth and nose almost stuck inside the private part of a well endowed lady.

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She caressed the dog with one hand while holding her waist with the left hand.

As if to say come lìck me, the lady opened her legs a bit wider so the dog can hide its face under her ‘engine room’ area.

People have attempted to make a sense out of the scene in the picture.


Social media comments dealt more with the position of the dog’s head in the photo.


One social media user sighted by Kasatintin.com said ‘I can imagine what is going on in the dog’s mind ???????’.

‘Sweet in the middle, na thing men dey leak make i taste small’, another netizen added.


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