Woman Sues Childhood Friend Over Chicken Theft Which Occurred 25 Years Ago

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A Los Angeles woman Stephanie Marys has dropped a lawsuit against her childhood friend over a chicken theft which occured 25years ago.

A report sighted by Kasatintin.com said ‘The accused, Michelle Rainbow no longer faces legal action over the theft of a chicken’.

Michelle Rainbow had become the subject of a lawsuit from childhood friend Stephanie Marys, who accused her of stealing two pieces of chicken from her soup years ago.

They were both 8years old and lived in the same neighborhood at the time the incident happened.

But Stephanie has now dropped her $4000 claim against Michelle as she has ‘learned to forgive her’. She said:

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‘My granny advised me to leave the matter to rest. So I decided to drop the lawsuit against her. To err is human, to forgive is divine’.

It has emerged that ‘Stephanie pressed the $4000 suit against her friend in order to raise money to buy a new mobile phone as well as pay her school fees in college’.

Stephanie’s counsel said ‘My client had enough evidence to prove her case in court. She would have walked home with $4000 but she dropped the case prematurely’.

Michelle however has no problem reconciling with her friend.

She stated that ‘I stole Stephanie’s chicken some years ago. It was bad for me to do that. Karma just caught me in that web. Let’s all learn to do good’.


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