How To Check If Your Phone Is Fake Or Original

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Is your mobile phone original or fake?

Beware, a lot of fake phones are being sold on the market today. The price difference attracts people to buy cheap branded phones.

A fake phone will obviously not have the genuine information and functions an original phone has.

So, is your android phone original or fake one?

In this article, will be show you how to detect a fake android device. Simply follow the steps below to check the originality of your android device.

Step 1. Go to your phone dial pad and dial *#06# to review your IMEI number. Alternatively, you can also check it through your phone settings; tap on about device, tap on status,IMEI info and check your IMEI number.

Step 2. Having obtained your IMEI number, open your browser, type in the address bar and open the site. Then, input your IMEI number in the dialogue box and tap on check to review your android phone information.

You will automatically receive your phone information after going through these steps.

If you receive a contrary information about your device or phone, then, your phone is likely to be fake or a clone.

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