Friday, December 9, 2022

Man Arrested For Breaking Into Homes Just To Tickle People’s Anus


Police have arrested a Texas man for harassing residents with his obsessive behaviour every night.

Kasatintin News gathered that the man known as the ‘B00ty Tickler’ carried out this disturbing act on his victims for months.

Our news source said the man broke into people’s homes at night and tickled their anuses as they slept and whenever they woke up, he would flee the scene.


The disturbing part of this guy’s fetish is that all of his victims were male and greater part of his break-ins happened overnight.

People were so scared of the B00ty Tickler to the point that they had to start sleeping on their back.

The reign of the ticklish terror was however cut short when police finally captured him at 5.00am.

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The suspect was initially believed to be homeless. He rocked $4,500 Yeezus brand clothing when police arrested him, giving an indication he had a paid job but engaged in the nasty act for pleasure.

The B00ty Tickler is currently being held in Dallas County with no bond.


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