Thursday, February 2, 2023

Boy, 15 Bitten By Snake Whiles Secretly Watching Couple Have Hot Afternoon S£x


A snake has bitten a 15 year old boy in Bogoso in the Western Region of Ghana. He was watching a couple who were having s*x on Sunday afternoon.

Kasatintin News gathers that the snake bit the left leg of the boy when he was peeping at the act through a broken window.

An eyewitness, who is also a co-tenant narrated that the couple were having a good time in their room right after they have returned from church.

She said the boy should not be blame for spying on the couple.

She explained that the boy was curious to find out what the couple were doing in the room because ‘they were just making strange noise as they were enjoying themselves’.

‘I was cooking outside. I heard the lady screaming, oh my God, f0rk me, f0rk me, f0rk me harder Dee continuously for like 15 minutes.


‘As a young lady myself, I understood in clear language that my sister was enjoying a good ride.’

She told Kasatintin News in a telephone interview that ‘What they were doing inside the room made me miss my boyfriend so much. I felt fire under my pants.


‘Unable to control myself anymore, I decided to dress up and visit my boyfriend. When I got outside, I met this boy crying, and he told me a snake bit his legs whiles he was watching the act through the window.’

According to her, she asked the Assemblyman in area to take the victim to the hospital and gave him enough money to sort out the medical bills whiles she rushed over to her boyfriend to ‘quench her thirst’.


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