Walking In The Sun For 30 Minutes Can Make Your Vagina Tighter And Sweeter–Research

Scientists have found that women who walk in the sun for at least 30minutes could end up with a tighter private part.

The study conducted by a South Korean University and sighted by Kasatintin.com also observed that persistent exposure to sunshine can increase the libido of women.

Lead researcher Professor Myung-Hee said the study was done to assist women with the natural way to address their topmost sexual needs.

According to the researchers, sunlight releases special chemicals into the body to wash toxic materials from a woman’s private part. The vagina gains its natural shape after detoxification‘.

To enjoy maximum benefits from the sunlight, the study recommended for women, of all age groups to do walking exercise between 7am and 10am, and late afternoon (2pm-4pm).

Approximately 2,200 women from all races including Africa, America and Asia participated in the controversial observational research.


‘More than 75% of the women who walked in the sun for a period of 2 weeks had their vagina shrunk by 3 inches.

A significant number of the respondents said their appetite for s3x had gone up following their participation in the exercise’, Myung-Hee stated in a report intercepted by Kasatintin.com.


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