Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Lady Pastor Mistakenly Shares Her Nakɛd Video In Whatsapp Group–ɛyɛ ɛwiin Nkoa!


A female pastor has been embarrassed after her bedroom video accidentally got leaked in colleague workers’ WhatsApp group.

It has emerged that she wanted to send the unintended leaked video to her lover but it ended up on the social media platform of the firm she works with.

Video: Akuapem Poloo latest leaked s3x video gathers that the lady pastor is the Human Relations Manager of the company.

In the video, which has become the talk of town, the pastor is seen lying on the bed nakɛd and massaging her pointed clit0ris.

There was a lot of hair around her pubic area, nicely shaped though.

Judging from her dazzling eyes, it was obvious she needed a hot f#ck.


It’s a difficult moment for the reverend minister. We believe she will read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations to console herself.


We cannot publish the said n#de video on this platform due to our strict advertorial policies. Bear with us, please.


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