Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Nigerian Women Top Skin Bleaching Chart In Africa, Ghana Place 4th


Nigerian women are using more skin bleaching cream than any other country in Africa, according to the latest statistics released by international broadcaster,CNN.

The skin bleaching chart by CNN ranked the percentage of women in four African countries (Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and Ghana) and the market penetration of skin whitening products in those nations.

The purported CNN data revealed that women from Nigeria are pretty much addicted to buying bleaching creams as nearly 75% of women in Nigeria purchase skin whitening creams.

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Women in Senegal placed second on the chart. The data revealed that as high as 60% of women in the country have patronized skin bleaching products.

Mali and Ghana women respectively competed for the third and fourth position.


The ranking has caused a buzz on social media.


Netizens can’t believe Nigeria made history by topping the chart for skin bleaching in Africa.

See the full chart below.


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