Friday, May 27, 2022

Lady Who Sneaked In To ‘Eat’ Guy At Boy’s Hostel And Made Him Cry Get Rousing Cheers From Students–Video


A leaked video of a female student who stormed boyfriend’s hostel to serve him hot s3x which made him cry like a baby has caused a buzz on social media.

The delicious sexual interc0urse happened on the campus of an Accra-based technical university, reports said and revealed that the two lovebirds took advantage of their lecturers’ strike to enjoy themselves in the all-male hostel. 

Their adventureous sexual encounter caused a scene as colleague students gathered on the corridors of the hostel to witness the action.

The lady was heard moaning while the guy crashed her honeypot with his last energy.

He also begun to scream for help when the lady gave him a superb ride.


Right after they finished the action and emerged from the room, the other students thanked the campus girl for the hot fu#k.


They also filmed the moment the lady walked out from the guy’s room all the way to the university exit gate.


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