Wife Catches Husband Whiles Marrying Another Woman At Secret Wedding (VIDEO)

A furious wife just blocked her husband from marrying another woman at an ongoing wedding ceremony in church.

The woman showed up at the crucial moment the officiating minister asked the would-be couple to exchange marriage vows.

With a baby strapped on her back, the angry wife walked straight to the pulpit, where they were about to be joined together as husband and wife and shouted ‘stop this marriage, he is my husband. We haven’t divorce. He even made love to me this morning’.

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She also snubbed a woman who tried to stop her from getting closer to the couple in an exclusive video available to Kasatintin.com.

Another woman, supposedly a member of the bride’s family is also heard in the video telling the frustrated wife to leave so that the wedding can continue.


But she refuses to leave and tells the Reverend Minister she doesn’t understand the whole event because her husband just left home in the morning.


She felt disappointed that her husband left her behind with their children just to go and marry another woman without her consent.

The groom looked disturbed as his wife embarrassed him in the presence of a large congregation. The bride was simply confused as the drama unfolded in the video below. Watch now. CLICK on link:https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGOo6q8nGqt/?igshid=10otv4eufes7c


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