A Man’s Salary Should Be Paid Directly Into His Wife’s Bank Account – Lady Argues

A social media user, only identified as Akosua May is requesting for support to push an agenda that will have the salaries of men paid directly into the bank account of their wives.

‘I think Men salaries should be paid directly into their wives account’, Akosua stated in a post Kasatintin.com has seen online.

She however failed to make any serious case to justify the need to pay men’s salaries directly through the account of their wives.

This has sparked a debate on social media. You can just imagine how the conversation around Akosua May’s candid remarks would end.

But do men really own the money they have in their bank account?


Wouldn’t it be a good idea if women are made to control the salaries of men. Think about it.


See a snapshot of Akosua May’s full post below.

IMAGE: Snapshot of Akosua May message

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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