You’re Just Entertaining Yourself When You Pray In Tongues–Pastor Mensa Otabil (Video)

Pastor Mensa Otabil has spoken against people who pray in tongues.

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) leader described those who pray in tongues as indisciplined, lazy and using such form of prayer to entertain themselves.

Speaking in tongues has become a common sight in most Ghanaian churches to the extent that, some pentecostal and charismatic churches organise special classes for new converts on how to speak and understand the coded spiritual language.

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Pastor Otabil noted with concern that the trend is worrying;

‘It is lazy prayer.Why? People are not disciplined because if you are praying, your mind, your thoughts, your desires,your knowledge of the scripture must all come into alignment’, he added ‘Can’t we read the Bible for once.’


‘And sometimes it’s like a symphonic orchestra. This one makes one sound, that one makes another sound and then they repeat, and then do it for 5 hours and say we prayed for 5 hours, no, no,no, no you did voice rehearsal for 5 hours.


That’s not prayer. It’s not, you know why, people don’t want the discipline of waiting on God, talking to him,pouring out their desires, and asking him to help them, asking him to reveal himself to them, encountering God in such a way that when you leave the place of prayer you know without a doubt that your heart has been poured to the Lord and the Lord has poured his heart to you.

Check out Pastor Mensa Otabil’s full preaching on speaking in tongues in the video below.


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