Friday, December 9, 2022

Shock As More Fish Fall From The Sky During Rainstorm In US


Several residents in east Texas have reported seeing fish falling from the sky during a rainstorm this week.

Tonnes of rare fish were scattered throughout the streets of Texas.

It ‘rained fish’ for a few minutes in Texarkana, Texas, as storms moved through the area at about 4.30pm local time.

James Audirsch, who works at a used car dealership shop in eastern Texas shop says he heard loud noises while with colleague worker and looked outside only to see fish falling from the sky.

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Some fish were 4-5 inches long and appeared to be young white bass.

‘There was a loud crack of thunder and when we opened up the bay door, James said. ‘I looked outside and it was raining real hard and a fish hit the ground, and then I said, ‘It’s raining fish!’ Brad was like, ‘No it’s not,’ and I’m like, ‘No, it really is!’ and fish were droppin’ here and everywhere’.


‘Raining fish’ is believed to be caused by a rare meteorological phenomenon in which a water spout moving over water sucks up small creatures such as fish and frogs, carrying them along until they lose steam before dropping their stunned passengers.

Strong winds created by tornadoes or hurricanes can also send small species such as frogs and toads raining from the sky, Library of Congress further explained.


Staff of the school initially thought the smelly storm was a prank until they found hundreds of tiny fish on rooftops, playground and across the campus.


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