Friday, May 27, 2022

The President Took My Girlfriend–Ghanaian Singer Reveals In Hot Video


Legendary Ghanaian rapper Reggie Rockstone has opened up his past life to his wife in a scandalous Instagram video.

Rockstone shared a chilling story of why he dumped his ex-girlfriend who was also dating Ghana’s president.

He confessed to his wife how he met the lady, dated her for years and later got shocked by news that she was cheating on him with the Ghanaian leader.

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Reggie Rockstone said he met the lady at University of Ghana campus at a show and dated her thereof.

The rapper alleged that their relationship lasted for years.


According to him, the lady used two different phones and she didn’t want him near the particular phone she allegedly assigned to receiving calls from the president.


Rockstone stated that he discovered later that his lover was also having a secret affair with the then President of Ghana.

He failed to disclose the identity of the sitting president who he claimed took his girlfriend. Neither did he mention the name of the girl.


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