Sunday, February 5, 2023

Rev Obofour Boldly Sits On A Wild Snake– See Video


Popular Ghanaian televangelist Reverend Obofour has been spotted in a new video sitting on a customised snake chair.

The gold-plated throne richly adorned with the head of a giant cobra which is ready to devour has got massive reactions on social media.

Queen Ciara, wife of the reverend minister first posted the video on Tik Tok in which Obofour was captured comfortably seated on the cobra throne.

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The cobra signifies satanic powers, some critics opined.

‘Yet people still get vim go this church’, remarked another Tik Tok follower.

Regardless of the negative responses, Rev Obofour who heads the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) is trending.


Some netizens argued that there was nothing wrong with the cobra seat.

One person said ‘What’s wrong about that. We love and appreciate anything foreign if it were to be an American who did this you’ll say he’s signifying the strength of a cobra. Bibini di33’.


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