Pornhub Blocks Russia Access To Its Content For Attacking Ukraine, ‘Blue Balls’ Catch The Nation

World’s largest adult content website, Pornhub has blocked users in Russia from accessing its site.

Russia has currently declared war in Ukraine. Peace talk has failed.

Porhub is seeking to bring an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict with its biting sanctions.


Reports by multiple sources alleged that ‘user’s in Russia that try to login are shown a Ukrainian Flag.

Military psychologist Brian Antonio stated in an exclusive with that:

‘Russian users have been denied their biggest source of pleasure. If nothing is done, a lot of people will have blue balls. It will likely have a psychological warfare on Putin’s troops especially those who enjoy watching it’.

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One social media user tweeted ‘The sanction nobody is talking about. Russian users who attempted to visit pornhub were quite literally cockblocked by a message that told them that the content has been stopped along with a Ukranian flag and message of Ukranian support’.

Another post read:


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