Sunday, February 5, 2023

A Ghanaian Boyfriend Has More Responsibilities Than A Father Of Three In America–Fiifi Adinkra Claims


CEO of Adinkra Metrix,Fiifi Adinkra has made a controversial statement on Twitter claiming a Ghanaian man in a relationship has more responsibilities than one who is taking care of three children in the US.

Fiifi Adinkra, who is also the Founder of GhanaNdwom argued in his post that ‘A Ghanaian boyfriend has more responsibilities than a father of three in America’.

One Freakylicker responded to the post saying:

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‘But that is what it has been since time memorial. It’s normal.what did you think relationships or marriage is about?..it’s about financial security and consistency with a lot of responsibilities in exchange for sex …it’s like an advanced prostitution’.


Bigman replied that ‘The bitter truth is that if a lady is really into you, she even finds it hard to ask you for something she can’t get from her parents’.

Another tweeter users added ‘If your partner is employed or has a genuine source of income (e.g. from family) and is still dependent on you, she’s not a supportive partner. If you’re not employed and dates an unemployed girl from a poor background, you’ve signed your death warrant’.


See the post below for more interesting comments.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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