Sunday, February 5, 2023

Lady Jailed 3 Months For Not Brushing Teeth Before Kissing Boyfriend


A 20-year-old lady has reportedly been caged for 3months by a South Asian court over her bad breathe.

According to reports sighted by Kasatintin.com, Lizy visited her rich boyfriend at home for a weekend rendezvous.

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They had memorable dinner together for the first time which ended in sexual intercourse.

The couple fell asleep after the exotic pleasure.

Information said Lizy felt horny at dawn and forcibly jumped on her sleeping boyfriend for some sexual healing.


The guy woke up from sleep and realised she kissed him without brushing her teeth.


‘I hate bad breathe. This lady simply disobeyed my personal rules and caused me emotional distress’, he is said to have told the court urging it to punish her severely.

The lady will spend 3months in jail.


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