Friday, May 27, 2022

Rev Obofour Driver Dead–Ghost Haunt Killer!


The personal driver of controversial Ghanaian priest, Reverend Obofour has died.

Kwaku Amewu reportedly died on Friday after suffering a serious illness for two months and was confined to his room before his demise.

The cause of his death is yet unknown neither has the family of the deceased issued a statement.

But Andy, a former junior pastor of Rev Obofour appears to have some unexplained genuine interest in Amewu’s tragic death.

Acting on his own instruction, emotionally charged Andy in a viral video has requested Rev Obofour,founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) to tell him exactly how he lost his personal driver, Kwaku Amewu.

Sheer pittiness! Rev Obofour is certainly not the right person to provide information on the cause of death.


If you believe in the existence of ghosts, then expect to receive dumbfounding revelations on the mysterious death of Obofour’s driver soon.

More Heartbreaking Tragedies Hit Rev Obofour


Four of the passengers were crushed to death, several others sustained various degrees of injuries.

Two people died on the spot while two others passed on at the hospital. See the video below for an update on this story.


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