Saturday, September 24, 2022

Abena Korkor Getting Married–This Is What We Know About Her Guy


Abena Korkor has finally revealed her marriage plans in a recent interview on Adom FM monitored by

The mental health advocate looks forward to having a man she can call her husband.

But Abena Korkor has also set out the qualities she expects in her future husband.

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Specifically, she’s looking for a wise man but God fearing person to spend the rest of her life with.

She told Adom FM Drive Time host Jerry Justice that she used to have a crush on thick, tall guys who are dark in complexion and of course have a lot of cash.

Miss Korkor said she thought such type of men had huge manh00d and she fancied handling one.


However, after frolicking with almost a hundred of her dream guys, she said they did not meet her expectations.

The list of men Miss Korkor claimed she has generously slept with include names of top politicians, celebrities as well as respectable radio and TV personalities in Ghana, one of whom she described as being extremely good at lìckìng her private part.


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