Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Horrible Scene As Ghanaian Man Beat Up Sex Worker For Demanding Payment After F#cking Her


Latest social media campaign is calling on the Ghana Police to arrest man who was seen in a viral video assaulting a sex worker.

In the embarrassing video, the lady who spoke excellent Fante dialect is heard accusing the Ghanaian man of sleeping with her and refusing to pay for the service.

The man acted in a hostile manner as the alleged prostitute demanded to be paid for rocking him in bed.

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But he physically abused her. She was seen with a swollen eye.

She was bleeding from the face too.


Not even a caution from a man who chanced on the altercations deterred him from assaulting the lady.


They stood by a government registered vehicle giving a gist of the kind of work the guy does.

Metro TV news presenter Bridget Otoo is personally leading the campaign to get him arrested over the assault incident which allegedly took place in the Central Region.


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