Thursday, December 1, 2022

Sex Workers Announce Special Package For Taxi Drivers


Commercial sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya have resumed offering full services for taxi drivers in the county following the expiration of a one-week sex ban. 

The prostitutes in Mombasa went on strike for one week to protest acts of sexual violence meted on a female passenger in Nairobi on March 4, 2022.

The victim, a Zimbabwean diplomat is reported to have been robbed and sexually molested by 16 male suspects on the Forest Road.

The Kenyan sex workers issued a week-long sex ban to show solidarity and also to push authorities to bring justice to the victim.

Subsequently, police took an action and made some arrest.

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During the one-week strike action, the Ashawo women refused to offer sexual services to the taxi drivers who operate in the Mombasa area.


Again,they stopped using their vehicles as means of transport.

Confirming the resumption of service in the area, Maryline Laini, the Executive Director of Nkoko Injuu Africa, an organisation that champions the rights of sex workers in the country said:


In 2021, Kenya sex workers threatened to embark on a nationwide demonstration over the shortage of condoms in health facilities across the country.

The prostitutes explained that the shortage of condoms in the country is a big risk to them as they might end up contracting HIV/AIDS in their line of work.


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