Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Condom Sales Up 170% In Russia As Lovers Fear Sanctions Could Cause Shortages


A few days ago, world’s largest adult content website, Pornhub blocked users in Russia from accessing its site relative to Vladimir Putin’s attacks in Ukraine.

There appears to be more difficult times ahead of Russia as information trickling in suggest a possible shortage of condom in the country.

Traditionally, Russia imports 600 million condoms a year, and produces 100 million locally.

There is high demand for condoms in Russia as people fear price increases and imminent shortages triggered by Western sanctions over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

‘People are buying for the future, despite the fact that we were forced to raise prices’, Co-owner of the Prezervativnaya sex shop, Yesenia Shamonina said.

The rush on condom has caused sales of the country’s largest online retailer, Wildberries to jump by 170% in the first two weeks of March, compared with its previous sales a year ago.

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But costs to the consumer have shot up to 50% depending on the brand of condom purchased.

The increases in price of condom at major outlets are primarily caused by the sinking value of the Russian rouble against key Western currencies.


The company employs nearly 1,300 people in Russia and makes a profit margin in the region of £400million annually in this market.

Officials have assured there is enough condoms on the market.

‘A shortage of this product is not predicted. The largest producing countries – Thailand, India, South Korea, and China – have not stopped deliveries of products to the Russian Federation’, they stated.

Meanwhile, Sexologist Yevgeny Kalgavchuk has advised Russians to use ‘good condoms’ from ‘friendly countries’ rather than those made in Western markets imposing sanctions.

We know many have plans to Have more sex before any strange missiles strikes them to death.

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