Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Kevin Taylor Exclusive Interview With Serwaa Broni Live


Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor has suffered a massive technical challenge less than 24hours to the live broadcast of his well publicised interview with Serwaa Boni.

On Monday evening, his popular TV show ‘With All Due Respect’ aired on Loud Silence TV (on Multi TV) and also streamed live on Facebook was interrupted for about 15minutes due to an obvious technical fault.

Kevin Taylor is billed to have an exclusive interview with the controversial lady at the centre of the Serwaa Broni saga on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

The Canada-based Ghanaian woman has, in the last few months, turned social media upside down with her videos suggesting she had had a secret affair with the sitting President.

The public have expressed great interest in the alleged presidential sex scandal.


Kevin Taylor’s exclusive chat with Serwaa Broni is crucial as it may help the public to understand the sex scandal better.


Kevin Taylor was in low spirit just after transmission was restored on Monday.

He got in his usual element when he later started talking about Kennedy Agyapong’s suit against him,which the US court reportedly passed a ruling in his favour.


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