Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Twene Jonas In Trouble After Sacking His Personal Driver In The US–Video


Popular Ghanaian social media commentator, Twene Jonas has announced in his latest post that he has sacked his personal driver.

Jonas, who is known for his straight-up comments on socio-economic issues in Ghana did a Facebook live video from a fuel station in the US a few minutes ago and stated that he now drives himself around as he has taken a decision to fire his driver.

Video: Twene Jonas deported to Ghana

In the opening of his video, Twene Jonas did not explain why he terminated the contract of the said driver except to show off the new car he claimed to have purchased.

Some people believe that Jonas is just running his mouth.

Not too long ago,a member of the ruling NPP, Hopeson Adorye disclosed in a video that Twene Jonas has been sacked from his workplace in New York.

Mr Adorye added that for fear of being deported, he (Twene Jonas) has gone into hiding.


Immediately after this shocking exposè, Jonas displayed a $1.5 million Bentley, cruised in it and mocked critics ‘Your kings haven’t seen this car before’.

Some netizens think Twene Jonas begs from the streets for his daily bread and doubt a ‘hustler’ like him can buy a car let alone hire a personal driver.


Watch video below.


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