Saturday, September 24, 2022

Lady Goes Viral After Removing Her Panties In Crazy Photoshoot–See All Photos


A lady has caught the attention of social media users with her spicy photoshoot and suggestive pose.

The lady, wearing a yellow dress and black brassiere confidently posed with her panties very much rolled down but below the thighs level.

Her hot pics are very tempting and people who have seen them have started salivating.

A reader commented on the post when first shared on saying;

‘People sha! All i see is someone displaying an underwear just as you would see in the market or boutiques.

Picture that is still even decent to an extent is what they are condemning, what if she had wore just the pant with/without bra like say no be wow some of una here go talk’.

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Another reader added ‘I don’t understand why the insult. She paid for a photo shoot by herself probably to present it to her hubby/fiancé but you are all here insulting her and her gender. Nigerians, what is/are your priorities in life? Bully each other. Why do we derive joy in this sort of behaviour?

‘Economy is crumbling, people are dying, food prices are now at outrageous level. We shouldn’t derive joy in insulting or cyber bullying each other. She is beautiful and sexy, this is her happy mode. Let us allow her to enjoy her moment. Haba now!!!’.


‘When a local bush babe come to the city to trend without proper guide….so unfortunate the insults on herself, family and womanhood #awordenough’, a different reader concluded.

Seee the photos below.


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