Saturday, September 24, 2022

Broken Heart Lady Goes Nak3d In The Middle Of Busy Street, Destroys People’s Vehicle–Watch Video


A beautiful, young lady has stripped nak3d on the street due to broken heart.

Information on the guy who allegedly jilted her despite the sacrifices made in their relationship is unknown yet.

But the South African lady is seen an online video with her juicy body running in the direction of an in-coming vehicle.


The driver of the car pulled the brakes as she frantically jumped unto the bonnet and began to climp to the roof of the car.

The broke heart lady then bobbed up and down on top of the car to destroy it while the passengers were still in there.

Video: Lady broke my heart after I sponsored her university education –Taxi driver share his story

Social media user Nobs Mkhize who shared the video wondered ‘What kind of love is this when a woman is willing to degrade herself like this?


”This surely is the true meaning of ‘Crazy in Love!’, she retorted ‘I can’t deal. I can’t. I just can’t guys!’.

In a related news, a young Ghanaian lady has placed a curse on her boyfriend and his manhood in a live video has sighted online.


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