Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Kenya Doctor Mistakenly Performs Brain Surgery On Wrong Patient


Not kidding ! The negligence of a Kenyan nurse has led to a wrong patient being sent to the theatre for brain surgery.

The horrifying blunder is reported to have occurred at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The incident was blamed on patients wearing the wrong identification tags.

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According to media reports, two male patients, in an unconscious state were brought to the hospital for emergency care.

one of them had to be taken through surgery to remove blood clot in his brain whereas the other required medication for head trauma.


Over two hours into the operation of the first patient, the nurse who prepared him for the surgery realised she had committed an error when the surgeons said they could not find the patient’s blood clot.


The nurse admitted to sending the wrong patient to the theatre for brain surgery. However, she blamed her heavy workload for the mistake.

Following the incident, she and three other medical professionals were suspended.


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