Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sad: UTV To Sack Vim Lady If…


There is tension at Despite Media as influential presenters in the media house are said to be pushing an agenda for Afia Poku (a.k.a Vim Lady) to be kicked out from her show.

Despite Media are the owners of UTV and four radio stations including Okay FM, Neat FM, Peace FM and Hello FM.

Vim Lady is alleged to have travelled out of Ghana but she has elected to host her socio-political talk show ‘Egyaso Gyaso’ by virtual means, a decision her colleagues have raised concerns with.

The presenter’s political talk show on UTV has not been suspended despite her long absence.

Kwame Nkrumah Tikese,host of Okay FM morning show and two other news anchors of Despite Media are sighted in a video addressing Vim Lady’s issue on a live radio programme.

Video: Vim Lady wedding ceremony

‘I learnt she is paid huge sums of money at the end of every month’, Kwame Nkrumah Tikese said in local dialect.


He indicated that when Vim Lady worked at Multimedia, she was never allowed to host any of her shows virtually any time she was not available in Ghana.

Nkrumah Tikese thus questioned why she wants to have her way at Okay FM.


He continued that ‘We have really suffered to make Okay FM what it is today. We started with only two programmes and you have been employed to do this, you’ve gone somewhere saying you are sick; if you are not well seek medical attention’.

The presenters during their discussion hinted that Afia Pokua has two weeks to report physically to the office or face the consequences of her actions.

Responding to the statement, Vim Lady said ‘ is better this way than to be in secret; God dey’.

The female broadcast journalist joined Accra-based Okay FM and UTV after having resigned from Adom FM/TV.

Afia Pokua is a tough girl. We don’t expect her to be bothered about the current happenings at the workplace. But if things get out of hand, she may simply resign from Despite Media, entertainment pundits stated.

Vim Lady has meanwhile, shared a copy of the dissing video from her saboteurs on her personal Instagram page. Watch below.


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