Friday, December 9, 2022

Pastor Gets Married To 4 Virgins Same Day At Beautiful Wedding Ceremony–Photos


A Congolese pastor identified as Zagabe Chiluza has set the record straight as to why he married four virgins in addition to his first wife.

Pastor Zagabe reportedly married the four virgins the same day in his church based in Eastern Congo.

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‘I have one wife already and today I’m going to marry these four. They will join the first wife’, the man of God said on his wedding day.

He insisted the idea of polygamy originated from the Bible and there’s proof it is never a sin.

Pastor Zagabe who apparently got saved in 1986 cited Jacob, who had four wives as an example and urged others to marry as many women as they can.


He asked men from his church to marry only virgins just as he has done.


Zagabe noted that ‘Jacob had many wives Leah and Rachel, then Bilha and Zilpa…four wives for one man’ and ‘I’m glad to have five wives’.

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