Friday, December 9, 2022

Popular Ghanaian Actress Poisoned By Co-Worker–Viral Video Scary


Fans are troubled and in a complete state of shock following viral news that suggest actress Salma Mumin has been poisoned whiles on a movie set.

The gorgeous Ghanaian actress is alleged to have released a self-recorded video on YouTube in which she explained her ordeal.

Video: Salma Mumin apologies to Moesha Boduong over le@k video

Salma Mumin claimed that a colleague poisoned her on set and had to be rushed to the hospital for urgent care.


She reassured her fans that doctors are giving her super treatment and she is recovering very fast.

Salma warned that she is a child of God and that any evil plot against her will not succeed.

It is unknown whether Salma Mumin’s narration is true or it has been cooked in order to gain attention to herself.


If the latter is true, then the Ghanaian actress could face the law over publication of false news.

In October 2021, police arrested dancehall artist Shatta Wale over his alleged involvement in spreading false news about his death.


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